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Creaky Shed
 Tropical & Rare Plant Shop


All of our houseplants ship free, via Priority mail. Please note we only ship Monday and Tuesday. This doesn't mean you shouldn't place your order later in the week, it means that we will hold onto your rare plant baby for a few days so that it doesn't get stuck on a hot truck or in a sorting facility over weekend. You are most welcome to place your order any day of the week. 


Shipping is stressful for aroids and other houseplants so yellowing, browning, or leaf damage can happen. Your plant will be packaged and handled very carefully whilst in our care. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage occurred during shipping. Likewise shipping delays due to weather or other events are also out of our hands. We ship priority and will provide you with tracking. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Due to the nature of rare plants we do not offer refunds or exchanges, however we will gladly accept cancellations within 24hrs from purchase. 

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