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Anthurium Indo Dressleri x Antolakii (sp BVEP) 2” pot, growers choice. Included are photos of both parent plants + and example of the seedling size and appearance. These babies are just starting to show interesting characteristics, they are pillowy with large (for the size) leaf blade and pink / purple in emergent veins. I am so excited for what they’re going to grow into!

My BVEP has large pillowy blades that emerge red, really stunning red, on par with Doc Block, and then slowly as it hardens off darkens to this deep deep darkness that is simply black to my eye.

Indonesian Dressleri is technically a NOID as it is not a Dressleri true species, however it has gained popularity under this name over the last few years. This beast is absolutely stunning. Leaves are pillowy and frilly, deep forest green with a gorgeous sinus and elegant veining. It has so far been very resilient, will root itself into anything.

Anthurium Indo Dressleri x Antolakii (sp. BVEP) Seedling Growers Choice

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