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*** Kindly please do not add heatpack to your order in order to get free shipping. If your plant portion of the order comes up to $50 you are welcome to add a heatpack. And if you are looking to only purchase this one item you may Venmo @creakyshed $5.50 (f&f) and mention name on your order. Thanks so much***

Anthurium Doc Block F2 selfed (F3) in a 2” pot. Included are photos of the parent plant+ photos of the few of the seedlings. Growers choice. They are only just starting to show blush in their emergents.

Doc Block emergents are just nuts! Bright, intense red that after a couple of weeks settle into green. It is an absolute rockstar and has grown to ridiculous proportions, although it has recently been a victim to a weed wacker attack!

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Anthurium Doc Block F2 Selfed (F3) Growers Choice

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