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Welcome to Random Houseplant Musings

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Hello sweet plant friends! If we haven't already met or communicated via Etsy and Instagram - my name is Marija, I'm the owner of Creaky Shed, a plant lover and a clumsy poster behind @creakyshed on ig.

I've been meaning to include a blog here for a while but wasn't quite sure (I'm still not) as to how to go about it, how frequently I'll be posting, etc. I do however know that I'd like it to be an extension of my instagram account. Don't see myself posting many reels any time soon. I love posting stories and it seems that a lot of you enjoy them too, I adore interacting with you all, but I do feel that I need a slightly bigger platform (forty three year old friendly!) to share my plant adventures, thoughts, photos, etc. Also, ideally, have one place where I can answer a lot of the frequently asked questions that come up in DMs.

It's probably fair to say that I may not blog very frequently, or on schedule, perhaps not even very well, but I promise to try my best and share what I think you may find helpful or entertaining. Should you have any thoughts or request do let me know, either here (I assume there's an option to do that - insert old lady emoji) or via ig DMs. First topic I'd love to tackle, hopefully sometime next week, is anthurium seedling care as that is hands down the question I get most frequently.

Until next post xx M


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