Philodendron Splendid established plant, great roots, planted in Aroid mix. This little plant has 2 active growth points, 2 new leaves on the way! Fast vigorous grower, propagates very well. Photos are of the exact plant for sale.

Many philodendron and anthurium are referred to as “velvet” but this Philodendron Splendid and one of its’ parents Melanochrysum are the two plants that truly have that rich dark velvety feel. With every new leaf, blades increase in size and grow darker in color. Splendid is a Melanochrysum and Verrucosum hybrid, grows beautiful, large, exceptionally dark leaves with burgundy backs and bumpy petiole of Verrucosum.

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Philodendron Splendid Melanochrysum x Verrucosum

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