Not a cutting. Lovely young Philodendron Majestic (Sodiroi x Verrucosum) already attached to the moss pole, planted in Aroid mix. Great roots, you can see them weaving in and out of the moss pole. Majestic offsets very easily. Even this little plant has 3 offsets right now! New growth puts on a stunning lime and burgundy show, then slowly hardens off to dark green with that distinct Sodiroi silver splash. Plant will be shipped as shown in the photos. Leaf is 8” long.

This hybrid is so much more beautiful, and way more resilient then either of its’ parents. This is a robust, fast grower that quickly sizes up, it will produce very large leaves even if if given just a bamboo stick to climb. First photo is of the mature plant, remaining photos are of the exact plant for sale.

Do reach out if you have any questions. Priority shipping included.

Philodendron Majestic Young Plant Verrucosum x Sodiroi Rare Aroid

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