Philodendron Florida Ghost young plant. Not a cutting, this young plant is established and actively growing. Planted in Aroid mix, it’s perfect example of how environment can affect leaf color. Newest leaf unfurled a few days ago and it’s still hardening off. This stunning climber likes a good amount of light, the more light, the more milky, white leaves it will produce. Less light will result in the minty appearance, which is also beautiful. Ghosts’ white variegation is not actually void of chlorophyll. It will stay white for months before eventually turning minty green. So even though leaves are almost white to begin with, plant is healthy and able to photosynthesize. With a healthy plant, consistently producing new leaves you can usually expect to have about 2-4 white leaves on top and minty green lower leaves.

Last two photos are of the mother plant after a big chop. Remaining photos are of the exact plant for sale.

Philodendron Florida Ghost

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