XL and stunningly beautiful Anthurium Zara x Michelle bred by Doc Block, of Nurturing Nature. 6” pot and biggest leaf is 12” long. This particular plant has a lot of silver and blue tones, it was a bit difficult to take good photos as it kept clashing with my wallpaper, I’ll try to take photos under artificial lighting. Please note I repotted this yesterday and have damaged the newest tiny leaf :(

Docs’ famous hybrids are known for their vigor and stunning red and purple emergent leaves. ALL photos are of the exact plant for sale. Plant material that Doc uses goes all the way back to Tim Andersons' plants, a well known Aroider. Please note any leaf damage that may bother you.

In the first month or two emerging leaves, go through pink, red, bronze and chocolate shades, then start fading down to dark green. At that time a gorgeous red new leaf will start pushing through. Always something to appreciate. Stunner!

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Anthurium Doc Block Zara x Michelle

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